Forums locked

Due to a huge amount of spam in both forums and comments (and the spam filter seemingly not working well), I am closing the forum off from new topics. I am leaving anonymous commenting on for the time being, evaluating other options in how to allow this. Generally spam has not been in a problem in the past because the spam filter worked well, but lately there has been significantly more spam attempts which makes the filter have a lot of false positives. I prefer to allow people to post anonymously (and not moderate comments) as I feel it makes everyone a little more comfortable but there is a cost to this.

If you are comfortable using Facebook/Twitter/Google+ authentication to comment (and make forum topics), please let me know in the comments of this post. I am considering using Disqus or Facebook comments. This is semi-part of the redesign of the site but due to the amount of spam, I may need to apply the change to this version (this almost 5 year old version) of the site soon.

Also please let me know if there are any concerns in general.

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