UPDATED: abercrombie kids Back to School 2010 playlist added (July)

UPDATE 3: Track 7 identified thanks to Eric! Oscillator X - Have a Good Time

UPDATE 2: Just 1 more song to find: 07 - ? - 'all we wanna do is have a good time'. If you know it, please post a comment!

UPDATE: More songs have been identified. Thanks to all who helped. The missing songs are below in italics.

The abercrombie kids Back to School 2010 playlist has been posted. This one is a real stumper for me however as I have only been able to find 13 out of the total 23 songs.

On a side note, unfortunately for US residents, JLS is not licensed yet to appear on the US or iTunes stores. So, for now, UK users enjoy? Personally I think it is a bit unfair.

As a solution, US residents and non-UK residents, visit YouTube (although YouTube might be blocking it from your country there as well). In that case, Google how to use a proxy. (And here is a rant: Why they do this I don't know. Do they not want to make more money?)

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