Owl City

abercrombie kids May (Week 2) playlist

UPDATE 4: This playlist is complete.

UPDATE 3: Just missing #13 now.

UPDATE 2: Just #8 and #13 missing. If you know them, please post a comment.

UPDATE: Thanks to all that commented. Updated playlist a bit.

Here is a very very preliminary version of what they just started playing at abercrombie kids.

Hollister Co. Summer 2010 playlist added

I cannot be sure it is complete, but at 18 songs, it could be. If you know any more, please post a comment.

Sugar & Gold's 'Neighborhood' makes a reappearance and the rest are new. More Owl City, Ke$ha, and Vampire Weekend.

Make sure to have a look at the Hollister Co. page. And as always, if you like a song, buy it.

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