Abercrombie & Fitch Spring Preview 2015 playlist


i heard a "no scrubs" by TLC

i heard a "no scrubs" by TLC remix where i work at the outlets and i can't find it anywhere!! help!!

Here is a list of songs that

Here is a list of songs that played in my store for Spring Preview a couple months ago for like 2 weeks it's not the entire playlist songs are missing and out of order but from what I was told this playlist was not authorized to be played so it was taken out but the songs are totally Abercrombie :-)

My Favorite was No. 15

1. All About that Bass (Workout Mix 134 BMP)- Wod Pop
2. All I See- jackLNDN
3. Bailando ( English Version Feat. Sean Paul, Gente de Zona)- Enrique Iglesias
4. Black Magic (Cahill Remix)- Little Mix
5. Blue- Eiffel 65
6. Bop Bop feat. Eric Turner- Inna
7. Chains (Dj Mike D and ChAdachi Remix)- Nick Jonas
8. Come And Get It- John Newman
9. Confident- Demi Lovato
10. Counting Down The Days (Feat. Gemma Hayes)- Above and Beyond
11. Don't- Ed Sheeran
12. Easy Love- Sigala
13. Fight For you- Morgan Page
14. Fire Under My Feet- Leona Lewis
15. Freak Out- Mark Knight & Adrian Hour
16. Heaven (MOWE Remix)- Alex Adair
17. Kill Em With Love- Galantis
18. L.A. Love (La La) (Moto Blanco Club Mix)- Fergie
19. Little White Lies (Florrie Remix)- Florrie
20. Obsessed (Cahill Club Mix)- Mariah Carrie
21. Pictures Of Us- Fort Arkansas
22. Reality Feat. Janieck Devy (Original Mix)- Lost Frequencies
23. Redefined Feat. Melanie Fontana (Radio Edit)- tyDY
24. Run (Lost Frequencies Remix)- Emma Bale
25. Smile- Ben DJ
26. Stitches (seeB Remix)- Shawn Mendes
27. So Sweet (Chris Tall Dubstrumental Mix)- Mark picchioti
28. Sugar (Feat. Francesco Yates)- Robin Schultz
29. Take me to Church (DJ Mike)- Hozier
30. The One Feat. Great Good Fine Ok- Chordashian
31. Thinking About you (Feat. Ayah Marra)
(EDX's Belo Horizonte At Night Remix)- Calvin Harris
32. This Ain't Over- Alex Newell
33. Together- Ella Eyra
34. Voices (Le Youth Remix)- Disclosure
35. We Are On The Move (Joey Negro Revival Mix)- Zo! Feat. Erro & Phonte
36. What Do You Mean?- Justin Bieber
37. Working Girl- Little Boots
38. You Don't Own Me- Grace
39. Let's Roll- Trevor Moran
40. Colors- Halsey
41. Free People (Antony Reale & Funky Junction Vocal Mix)- Tony Moran

This playlist is a shame for

This playlist is a shame for Abercrombie. Where the hell are the Classic House/Deep songs? I miss the 2000-2012 A&F era.... everything changed, they no longer represent an "Exclusive" brand like they used to be... i feel sad for them, cause i love the vintage A&F.. :(

I heard a song at the

I heard a song at the southcoast plaza A&F in which a guy keeps singing "I go deep I go deep I go deep" throught the song and is also singing about dancing. Any ideas? Its not playing on the current playlist on the app, this playlist sounded way more upbeat. I also heard a remix of Hilary Duff's sparks that shazam also didnt recognize. The one song I could successfully shazam was "always by samantha jade" Anyone know whats going on?

DJ Le Roi - I Get Deep (feat.

DJ Le Roi - I Get Deep (feat. Roland Clark) [Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix] [Emanuel Satie Rework]
thats the correct version. As for sparks its: Hilary Duff - Sparks (Cutmore Club Mix) We also have the same playlist.

Would you mind posting the

Would you mind posting the entire playlist our store playlist is playing top 40 songs I think it's the after hours playlist.

Late Nite Tuff Guy - I Get

Late Nite Tuff Guy - I Get Deeper

Summer Initial Playlist

Summer Initial Playlist posted at https://www.facebook.com/ANFTunes/

DMX Played the Wrong

DMX Played the Wrong Playlist

A few weeks ago, we were having a contest between other stores to see who would have the highest conversion by the end of it. During this time, there was apparently a playlist change made and a lot of associates liked it.

This playlist added many Top 40 songs onto the playlist, increased the volume, and somehow also disabled some speakers in my store near the fitting rooms and possibly near the vestibule.

Song selections included:
1. Something Better (feat. Lady Antebellum) by Audien
2. On My Mind by Ellie Goulding
3. Feelings by Maroon 5
4. Be Right There by Diplo & Sleepy Tom
...among many others, with a duration that was less than 2.5 hours.

There was no A&F After Hours playlist at the time, we were not sure why at first...

Also, the volume level was increased (on some songs) substantially, and made the store feel like the past when the volume was louder (which I personally liked).

About another week, after the contest was over, the playlist had changed suddenly, and the playlist we had been hearing for a couple weeks had been programmed to play in the Non-Sales zones where A&F After Hours plays in my store.

It was rumored at first that this playlist was a test playlist, seeing if it would drive sales. Eventually, we concluded that this playlist was intended for A&F After Hours or the Non-sales zone and had been wrongfully programmed to play in the Vestibule and Sales zones.

This playlist still plays, but it is just A&F After Hours, and plays in the non-sales zone (at least at my store).

Did you know that you can actually change which playlist plays from the store's DMX machine? It is possible, but often the feature is locked or requires an override code to allow you to make the change. I just know this because I once had a store manager that explored the capabilities of the DMX machine and we discovered that you can go back to older playlists, but we couldn't play them because they were locked or required a code.

Hi, there was a playlist at

Hi, there was a playlist at my A&F store that included these songs:

1. Perfect by One Direction
2. Feelings by Maroon 5
3. Hula Hoop by OMI
4. Sound of Your Heart by Shawn Hook
5. Used to Love You by Gwen Stefani

Those are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head. I was wondering what the other songs were! It was such a good playlist.

Thanks :)

This playlist should now be

This playlist should now be A&F After Hours, the one that plays in the non-sales zones. Home Office or DMX made an error and wrongfully pushed the playlist to the sales zones, which the playlist and songs were not initially licensed for.

Yeah my local store is

Yeah my local store is playing
Shake it off - Taylor swift
Payphone - Maroon 5
Neon Lights - Demi Lovato
That's what I remember but it's not the music from the app (thank god)

Another thing for anyone that works at A&F my local store the Fierce test cologne bottles smell nothing like fierce. Icon, intense and travel size spray smell exactly the same only when I buy a new unopened bottle of fierce is when it smells like it's supposed to. Could it be they are filling up the bottles with wrong fragrance I don't know how they refill the testing bottles.

your managers are clueless

your managers are clueless and/or don't care because that's the afterhours playlist that shouldn't be playing during store hours

Just when I thought maybe the

Just when I thought maybe the A&F playlist will return to its roots of high energy and iconic music that differentated the brand from other retailers, it continues to deliver the same boring and generic tunes that is has been playing for the past 5 months. Even worse, each playlist contains a majority of the same artists from its predecessor—why even bother changing the songs when the sound exactly the same? (Halsey, Parson James, Foxes, years and years..) Very disappointed. Im not sure how much longer I am going to continue having hope for great in-store music.

I agree. Even though the

I agree. Even though the playlist is kinda good, they need to stop using the slow indie pop songs... that's why I'm gonna contact the office to use a lot of EDM/Dance/Drum and bass songs, and ask them to stop using the boring slow less energetic songs. One of the employees i talked to, said she doesn't like it because of the songs that should be playing in Hollister instead.

They are not going to, It's a

They are not going to, It's a new era for Abercrombie & Fitch it has a new image to cater to a much older crowd. Yes I miss the old House/EDM music that would shake the walls of the stores but A&F has to present itself different than what it was, many people mostly adults complained about the loud music. This change is needed along with the removal of the over sexualized marketing, and screaming logos everywhere which turns off many adults from wearing the brand. These changes make the brand classier. When people think Abercrombie & Fitch they think teen pre teen and that's exactly what A&F is trying to change. The company has been loosing profit and it's time for a new beginning.

In my opinion, A&F should go

In my opinion, A&F should go in the direction of the 2015 Summer preview, Summer and Labor Day playlist

Is it just me or are the

Is it just me or are the playlists for the standard stores getting even more boring? I swear it sounds like crap you would hear at a 10 year old kids birthday party even with the volume up, worse if the volumes down feels like a damn funeral in there I'm like who died!

The A&F store near me is

The A&F store near me is playing the songs below, I heard songs 29-38. I really like "sweet talk by Samantha jade" and "sick like that by will sparks" It wasn't as loud as Louis B's store though

What's your store?

What's your store?

I don't know if I would

I don't know if I would believe the post below. When I asked my district manager if there were stores that were playing the old style of music, she said that she didn't think so. Also, the music volume really depends on how busy the store is. The busier the store, the higher the music volume. Same with the scent machines. The busier the store, the more frequently they spray. However, I did hear from my district manager that they are considering increasing the volume slightly because of how many times its been mentioned. So apparently the company is aware. So keep emailing them through their website! Same with the genre of music, if you dont like the changes to the playlist, keep telling them. The more dislike they get on something, the more willing they are to change it. I do work for the company, and I've seen the disappointment on this site, so just trying to help.

See comments below. Let's all

See comments below. Let's all be on the same page.

Why are you telling someone

Why are you telling someone what to think? Are you the new CEO?

Abercrombie & Fitch Spring

Abercrombie & Fitch Spring Break 2016
Here is the complete playlist and order. Again sorry I took a while to post (its kinda hard when the playlist runs longer than my shifts & the store being busy most of the day) IMO I think this playlist is awesome, hearing this playlist makes me not mind that I'm stuck on cash wrap or dealing with the infamous take back bin that everyone pretends not to notice. Does anyone else's store have the volume turnt up? I keep hearing most stores have the volume really low to the point it feels like a funeral in there? Ours is turnt up to the point the purse store next door complaints of purses falling off the walls! Anyway Enjoy!

1. Mr Rich - Everybody Wants To Be A DJ (Original Mix)
2. Saint Motel - My Type (SAINT WKND Remix)
3. 86Beat - All I Need (Original Mix)
4. Mortt - Be There (Original Mix)
5. EDX - Revered (Original Mix)
6. Icona Pop - I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
7. Lucas & Steve - Fearless (Original Mix)
8. Basic Tape - Not Afraid
9. Disclosure - Holding On (feat. Gregory Porter)
10. Chocolate Puma - I Could Be Wrong (Original Mix)
11. Kaskade - Day Trippin'
12. Rai - Fall In Love (Original Mix)
13. Benson - Hot Mess (feat. Lex Famous) (Original Mix)
14. Ariana Grande - Problem (feat. Iggy Azelea) [Dawin Remix]
15. Thee Cool Cats & Lika Morgan - Thee Worst (Original Mix)
16. Shawn Mendes - Stitches (SeeB Remix)
17. Filous - How Hard I Try (feat. James Hersey)
18. Fort Arkansas - Pictures Of Us (Original Mix)
19. Higher Self - Ghosts (feat. Lauren Mason) (Original Mix)
20. Mark Knight & Adrian Hour - Dance On My Heart (feat. Indiana) [Original Club Mix]
21. Florrie - Little White Lies (Florrie Remix)
22. AM2PM - Sing It (Code3000 Dub Mix)
23. Tommy Lee & Aero - Lfo Tool (Original Mix)
24. Peking Duk - The Way You Are
25. The Voyagers - A Lot Like Love (feat. Haris) [Oliver Heldens Edit]
26. Amtrac - Hold On (Original Mix)
27. Kranium - Nobody Has To Know (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Major Lazer & KickRaux Remix]
28. Felix Cartal - Ready For Love (feat. Chloe Angelides)
29. Samantha Jade - Sweet Talk
30. Crazibiza, Jerome Robins & MC Flipside - Like That (Slideback Remix)
31. Sugarstarr - Hey Sunshine (feat. Alexander) [Antonio Giacca Remix]
32. SNBRN - California (feat. Kaleena Zanders) [Chris Lake & Matroda Remix]
33. Housemassive, Groovenerd & FDF (Italy) - Disco Burn (Marco Molina & Marco Vistosi Remix)
34. Ultra Nate - Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix)
35. Enrique - Bailando (feat. Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona) [English Version]
36. Kristina Maria - Let's Play
37. Sevyn Streeter - Don't Kill The Fun (feat. Chris Brown) [Troyboi Remix]
38. Will Sparks - Sick Like That (feat. Luciana) (Original Mix)
39. Katy Perry - Birthday (Cash Cash Remix)
40. L.B. One - Jam For Me (feat. Bash) (Original Mix)
41. Dario D'Attis - Little Higher (Original Mix)
42. M'Black - Crush (Extended Mix)
43. Kyau & Albert - Down (Sebastein Remix)
44. Fort Arkansas - Want You Back (Original Mix)
45. Kristina Maria - FML x2
46. Calvo - Stay In Love (feat. Terri B) (Original Mix)
47. Felix Jaehn - Dance With Me (feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen) (Original Mix)
48. Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfield & JES - As We Collide (Club Edit)
49. Jasmine Thompson - Adore (My Digital Enemy Remix)
50. Above & Beyond - Treasure (feat. Zoe Johnston) [Kyau & Albert Remix]
51. Above & Beyond - Counting Down The Days (feat. Gemma Hayes) [Yotto Remix]
52. Klangkarussel - Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) [Paris Blohm Remix]
53. Jus Jack - Stargazing (Original Mix)
54. Boy Kiss Girl - Let You Go (Extended Mix)
55. Deadmau5 - I Remember (Original Vocal Mix)
56. Florrie - Left Too Late (Florrie Edit)
57. Kristina Maria - You Don't Have The Right To Cry
58. Cedric Gervais - Love Again (feat. Ali Tamposi) (Extended Mix)
59. Cole Plante - Before I'm Yours (feat. Brian Logan Dales & Brix) (Original Mix)
60. Mako - Our Story (Original Mix)

I wish theyd recall some of my favorite songs, man did they roar in the store! Theses are some of my favorite tracks from PAST playlists:

- Kenn Colt - Tonight (feat. Brenton Matheus) [Extended Mix]
- Illyus Barrientos - Chase Your Trip (feat. Max Marshall) (Original Mix)
- Husky - Flashing Lights (feat. Natalie Conway) [Deluxe Soul Mix]
- Katarina - Love Me If You Dare (Marc Rayden & Electric Pulse Remix)
- Katy Perry - E.T. (Benny Benassi Club Mix)
- Wiley - Can You Hear Me? (feat. Skepta, JME & Ms. D) [Adson's Bootleg Remix]
- Charli XCX - Famous

This is not the Spring Break

This is not the Spring Break playlist that plays in the stores in malls, this one is way different.

The A&F Spring Break playlist

The A&F Spring Break playlist that plays at the Full Price Canoe Mall Stores can be found on the A&F app. However that playlist just like the previous one (spring preview) is absolutely horrible not worth listing them here.
A select FEW stores are playing a different playlist which sticks to the traditional EDM/House. This is a test that is being done to see how the music selection impacts sales.
Majority of stores should have the Volume at low levels other stores have had the ceiling mounted Subwoofers turned off period. As for the Fragrance machines each store is different some are still very strong other locations you can't even smell it.

Yeah, when will they play

Yeah, when will they play House music again? Also as the flagship stores in Europe?

That is up for Home Office to

That is up for Home Office to decide right now the company is trying many different things
Including music selection. A&F is trying really hard to gain new customers and disassociate itself from its old Mike Jeffries era look. I personally like the new A&F it's more mature
And doesn't have that old High school vibe but the music should be kept upbeat and loud.
I really doubt A&F will play its old style of music which was House and will try to incorporate pop, EDM and alternative rock which is basically Hollister music.

So and what stores still play

So and what stores still play house/edm tracks?

When will the playlists for

When will the playlists for the Canoe Mall Stores gonna have EDM/House again?

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