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Due to a huge amount of spam in both forums and comments (and the spam filter seemingly not working well), I am closing the forum off from new topics. I am leaving anonymous commenting on for the time being, evaluating other options in how to allow this. Generally spam has not been in a problem in the past because the spam filter worked well, but lately there has been significantly more spam attempts which makes the filter have a lot of false positives. I prefer to allow people to post anonymously (and not moderate comments) as I feel it makes everyone a little more comfortable but there is a cost to this.

If you are comfortable using Facebook/Twitter/Google+ authentication to comment (and make forum topics), please let me know in the comments of this post. I am considering using Disqus or Facebook comments. This is semi-part of the redesign of the site but due to the amount of spam, I may need to apply the change to this version (this almost 5 year old version) of the site soon.

Also please let me know if there are any concerns in general.


hey old head here from TS and

hey old head here from TS and aftunes, is there anyway to sign up here? thanks

Just want to thank you for

Just want to thank you for what you're doing. I love all the playlists from A&F, and this site is literally the only place to get them. And Disqus is a great solution. Go ahead :)

(Revamping the website to a more "modern" design language might be ideal, but it shouldn't be necessary since it is doing the job pretty well as of now.)

Keep up the good work! <3

Try to post new threads on

Try to post new threads on regular basis. I will occur boring if there is not any new thread where you can comment. It is too boring while commenting on a single thread.

Ok but please try and keep

Ok but please try and keep this site alive because without this, I dunno where else to get the full playlist of the songs (except Shazamming it at the stores but its tiresome), thanks!

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